When choosing materials for the childcare program I have to remember to select items that are culturally relevant and consider the families I work with and under the different stereotypes that can sometime affect the learning process.

I should choose materials that help support the understanding of differences from one culture to another. Think about what kind of materials reflect culture like different food items or utensils used by a different culture or clothing items, etc.

It is good to uses images and photos of the children and their families and ask parents about their traditions or maybe the way they celebrate certain holidays or belief in not celebrating and maintaining a level of respect to their decisions. Also using books with pictures of different cultures that show how they do things and practices in their home.

It is a good idea to support bilingual learners and encourage families to maintain and use their home language. Children can easily learn two languages at the same time but it’s important to have them speak their home language as much as possible depending on what the goal of the parents are for their child.

It is also important to balance home and business so that your home reflects your own culture and beliefs but they are boundaries in place for your home space and your childcare space.