I understand the relationship between culture, race and language and how to appropriately reflect cultural diversity into my program and how a relevant environment promotes positive relationships and interactions between myself and the families I serve in the community.

I understand that some children will show independence and other will be interdependent and want more help with certain tasks.

I have to remember to get the perspective of certain issues from parents in regards to their culture and how they do certain things at home that may or may not be done at daycare. I have to keep in the mind the goals of the family as it relates to the child’s growth and development. Also keeping in mind that the practices and policies of the childcare home may be only suited for a particular culture.

It is not always understood the family’s rationale with certain issues. I provided care for a 3 yr old who is very big for his age and slightly developmentally delayed . I disagreed with the parents not potty training the child because of these barriers and felt that a 3yr old of this size was too big to be in diapers and pull ups. After many discussions with the parents I request they speak with the child’s pediatrician to get their opinion and thoughts on the situation. I was a little bias because I didn’t want to nor was able to lift a large 3yr old to a changing table for diapering and did not know the circumstances of why the child was not being toilet trained.

I had to come up with some creative solutions to address my concerns but maintain respect for the parents while keeping in mind the policies of the childcare program. I had to try hard not to make assumptions and obtain all the facts surrounding the circumstances and come to an agreement with the parents as to what is best for the child and what can help to reach the ultimate goal.