I found this module to be educational. I especially appreciate the BAS for family child care and have completed it with note on what I can incorporate and improve in my FCC. I especially want to use more documentation by using formal folders for each child. Previously I have done this with work the children have done that showed their growth but only on an as happens basis. I think it would be nice to have an organized folder that shows progress over time. This would be helpful for the parents, for my marketing and for my program because it would help me to concentrate on what the children ion my care need and then provide experiences based on those needs.
Another area where I can improve is making wall space available to display the children’s work. This will require a rework of my current layout in my toy room and will be a good excuse to paint and fix the room up so that the space is more comfortable and entices children to play and learn.
The final benefit from this module has been to encourage me to keep up with my business paperwork. I find that I too pile up my receipts and time space records until they are a daunting mountain! Setting aside some of nap time and one evening a week for this will keep me on track.

The biggest benefit to these modules is the authenticity it brings to my profession and how I view myself as a teacher, business woman and friend to my kids.