I feel that this was a very important module to complete. It is important to get to know the children and families in your care and become familiar with their culture in order to best understand their values and child rearing beliefs. As a provider, it is important to acknowledge your own culture and how it can impact how you work with families in your program. It is okay to have differing views in regards to child rearing, but best practice should always be implemented with the children. You can listen to a family and acknowledge their child rearing beliefs and explain to them why you do things in your program the way you do. For example, views on potty training may vary. It is best practice to wait until a child is developmentally ready to use the toilet before beginning potty training. Explain to the parent(s) that the child should be indicating when they are wet/soiled and show an interest in using the toilet. I also thought that the power on, power for, and power with segment was very interesting. I have never heard those terms before and plan to share them with the providers that I work with.