I understand to always have quiet toys on hand. I have small manipulatives, card games, board games, colored pencils, and books. But in the 20+ years I have been a FCCP, I have always been blessed with great sleepers.
Storage should also be age appropriate. Low to the ground if not on the ground for infacts. Low shelving for tots and higher for school-ages. I have storage of all sizes and the bottom shelves of each are for the infants. I also have a few bins that are just for the “mouthers” which I can control when they are out so I can grab and wash also. We use all types of storage in my home. I have an extra large bench for dress up that can be opened by the preKs, there are toys in my kitchen cabinets that can be opened by my infants, there are drawers in my end tables where I hide toys for the toddlers around the house. If you open something you can reash, you will find something to play with. I love this because every day at 4:30 my job is “put away” and on the weekends I do not really have to see anything I do not want to.