I am learning so much by these technology modules. I love the idea about using an Ipad in the classroom. I would love to have one. I am going to have to save for one. The snake camera with the Ipad would be so much fun and can be used in so many different scenarios. The light and shadow exploration will be something I can start to implement now, I did order the STEM book that you shared with me on this module. It will be here Monday! Cant wait to read and learn from that. The white wall for shadow exploration is something I want to make in my child care area. I like the video of Sarah where she share about these things she does in child care environment. I learned that scanners can be used. I do need to learn how to operate mine. I have one, but never use it. I am also going to make the DIY light table for salt exploration. Overall, I learned alot about the different ways to use technology wisely in my child care environment.