My program consists of ALOT of art!! This art is usually processed art, meaning it takes many stages to complete the childs project. I use many different types of openended materials in my art projects with the children. Toilet paper rolls, recycling containers, marbles, pompoms, feathers, rocks, scrabble pieces, old games pieces, checkers, rubberbands, ets. You name it, we have used it. The art sessions usually go on for over an hour. We are usually working on a theme so sometimes I will incorporate and open ended question like..”how can we use these pieces on the table to display a transportation project?”
One thing I saw in the modules that I have been watching lately is keepeing all of these small pieces out for the day during play. I do have a few infants, but starting next month I will not have any. I am looking forward to having these small manipulatives in reach of the children to use during play.