This module has gven me many great ideas on implementing technology into my program. I have to admit, I was one of those people that said technology is for the older kids and my preschoolers need to learn the “old fashioned way”. But, I never thought of the light from a flashlight technology. I loved all the ideas in the module on light and shadow and different ways to use them. I also think a light table will be on my to-do list very soon.
Another great tip was the camera. I do use my camera to capture the different moments a child is being creative so I can send it to their parents. I also like to take pictures of some of the art projects we have done in the past so they can be used as references for the following years. I would love to set up my camera next to an ant hill and do a time lapse with a cookie. I have three teen daughters so time lapse is very new to me but I am learning!