I completely understand the push to encourage more technology in schools and in older children, I have three teenagers of my own! But, when it comes to the kids in my care, the kids I am educating I use as little technology as possible. Yes we use flashlights when on an adventure and I do use my phone to take tons of pictures for parents, but other than that, we make our own music. We do not watch tv or listen to e-books. We go to the library to check out books and we build with legos, rocks, blocks, and sticks. Yes, I guess if I had older kids I would search the web to build a robot but I am sure you can find that in a book also. This is only my opinion, but most of my students are children of teachers. They ALL have their own ipad before the age of 5yrs! This is their babysitter at home, so at my house we use our hands.