I have been a FCCP for over 20 years and my children have grown up involved. But after they were out of elementary school I realized I wanted my house back! Not that I don’t love what I do, but with all the license requirements, star requirements I almost felt like I had to have a classroom sterile home and not the home I have had forever. I have finally started getting rid of the bright plastic bins and the saucers and foam rugs. I am so much more happy now!! And I think the kids are too! I do love my Little People tho and that is something I will always have. Adding on to that even more every year is so much fun for the kids. They get to play pretend, they see different sorts of people in the group, they see different occupations and the conversations or dialogue that I hear is just so much fun to listen too!
One thing I learned in the webinar is that it is OKAY to limit the amount of toys the kids use. It’s so funny how we have all these toys that some book tells us we need and no one plays with them!! Why spend all that money on these things if they are not going to be used. I am looking forward to taking the things I learned in this script and incorporating them even further than I already have in my practice.