I believe that children learn best by doing. It’s not that all technology is bad, but more “what is my child NOT doing” if they are using an ipad. They are not manipulating, seeing in 3d, understanding textures and exploring using all their senses.

I plan on getting some flashlights and head lamps. I also plan of building the DIY light table. I have always wanted a light table so this is perfect.
I have used phots on walks and exploring in the past and we have made books and digital stories from them. I would like to incorporate more of this.
Using good will to get some supplies is a great idea. I’ll be looking there this weekend.
The digital cameras are great too but I may not be able to get one for everyone.
Technology is great as an aid, not as a main course. My biggest obstacle is convincing parents! I know parent today are stressed and strapped for time. It’s so so easy to just give your child your phone to play with so you can get things done. I wonder if parents took time to invent game like – count how many different chocolate cereal there are or find the isle number – if they would come to understand the value it teaches and the way ion which in engages their child.