I plan on picking up some inexpensive flashlights and recreating some of the activities I have seen in this module. My kids are builders as well so I think they would really like the idea of creating a city with blocks and using flashlights to project the image on the wall. They also live to draw so having them draw on a sheet or paper would be a great fit for them.
I also plan on copying pictures of buildings for the block area.

I think the kids would love experimenting with how shadows grow and shrink based on how close the light is.

Technology should look like the activities in this module, not an ipad or phone.

I also think the kids would love using the head lamps.
Another option is covering a flashlight head with foil that has small holes poked in it. Flashing it on a dark ceiling produces a starry night. This type of activity can launch a segment on stars or story telling. It’s also a great Segway into why you can’t see stars in the daylight.