I found this module to teach me about how to communicate my daycare in a professional, quality way. It is important to support families with communication, as well as for me to get information to them, so we can both acquire what we need. Families need to know what happened each day, I do a paper daily that goes home, it shares what they ate, at what time, what time they used the toliet and results, what time a infant had their diaper changed whether wet, or number 2, any other comments, such as supplies needed. I also write all the learning activities we are doing, what we are doing outside. I have samples of these daily sheets in my binders that new prospective families look at. I do a lot of the BAS already to stay professional with my program. I have each child’s information in a binder to take with me, whether we are inside my program, or outside in my yard, or on a field trip I always communicate with parents about when were going, if possible to do quick smartphone photos while there, and text to let them know we are safely back to my home. I did learn about doing a website or a face book page. I do think it is important not to be children’s faces or last names on there to keep confidentiality of families. I learned about displaying my education, my program philosophy’s here, things to communicate where I can use this also as a marketing tool…when I need to recruit new children in the daycare. I learned about different ways to communicate with parents whether it is before or after pickup, whether it is having a event, open house, inviting a parent(s) to go on field trips, be helpers in my FCC so they can collaborate on what we are doing in the FCC. I learned I can use the back of my entrance door to display my credentials, as well as menu for the day, what were doing, artwork that the children have done. It is important for children to see their artwork, as that lets them know what they do is important to others. It documents their progress of learning. I learned about collaboration between children-about pairing up a child less experienced with a child more experienced. I learned to invite the children to help plan the activity, to pair them up in two’s for activity, to invite a child to share their knowledge of the subject with the group, to provide time for friendships of the children, to display photos of their work which demonstrates their value. I learned about collaboration with families as I already said. I know, I should keep my camera nearby, smartphone nearby, or a pad and pencil to document what is going on to share with the children or the families. It’s not just important for me to document, but to let children also have their own clipboard which can be simple and hand made to document what they have learned or feel is important Documentation can be fun, but it needs to be professional, as we are going to share with a audience whether it be parents, other children in our programs or in the future in our programs. I know I can share with either facebook, or a web page. I know I can place marketing ads on these as well as Craig’s list. I know it is better to make a short and sweet two minute video, as we all do not have time for six minutes since we all lead busy lives. We need to show off what is great about our program and be proud of it. We should connect with friends and peers doing the same things as we all can learn from each other.