FoIr the BAS Business portion of my environment, I have learned, I need a place to keep confidential the records and business papers of my business. I have learned, I can get outside help to establish, but then it is important for me to stay on top of it, each and every day. Another tip, was to stand over the trash can as clutter comes in, so it can go out just as quickly and not pile up. Remember to label files, and have a established place. The BAS notes helped me to think about keeping all of my educational records together, keeping membership records of professional organizations together, with my income to think about what I charge, when to increase, to think about paid time off, my health and retirement benefits, to think about safety, health, and space in my home, to do budget planning, to have accounting records, to keep track of meals and snacks, track the hours I work, track my business expenses. I also need to think about policies that will reduce risk, policies regarding the release of children, emergency drills, emergency information, insurance coverage, what is available in the community to help parents, sharing information with the parents in regards to the child’s growth and development, and resources to help parents reduce their child care costs. There is a lot of different ways to think about how my business appears to others-by the things I put out in the public about my business. The things I put out, can affect how my program appears to new prospective parents. I also need to think about how any substitute will impact on my business with the parents, about their education and training to work with the children in my daycare.