I have learned that the communication with families is important in the child care home….and community. The Family Child Care Environment can support positive communication with families. There is a variety of ways a business can do the communication in a organized business way, with accessibility and privacy. It is important for parents to know what has the child done during the day, as well as a provider getting information about the family of the child enrolled. Sometimes, you can get this information at drop off or pick up….in a area that isn’t so busy with other children you can get more details. If this isn’t possible it is best to schedule a time with other children not being present so you can communicate well with each other for understanding. You need to be able to listen to the parents message, not just simply listen to give a response back. Communication can be done through a newsletter, text messages ;phone calls,
sticky notes, or face to face. It needs to be confidential, not talking about their child to other families without permission from that family. Technology can be part of the communication….through a website or a facebook page.