My space is now a separate space for child care as all is located in a mother n law suite of my home. However, I like comfy atmosphere with centers. I like containers to hold toys. I believe in rotating toys in and out, storing many materials for the daycare in my garage, basement and art upstairs bed room. I like the idea of a natural setting. My walls are painted a neutral green to bring in the nature of the backyard that can be seen trough the windows most children can see out of by age one, when they can stand. Infants also see trees as they move in the breeze just simply looking toward the windows. I believe this is calming for upset children. Children enjoy watching birds, squirrels, and rabbits in the backyard from the window. They can also see the playground where they ride their tricycles, and other children’s outside equipment. I like having a soft area where the children can lay down with pillows to read, or they can bring dolls pretend it is part of a family, store, or whatever they want to play that day for pretend play. I bring toys out from the closets so they are not overwhelmed by looking at everything they can choose from. I have things in cabinet shelves that the children can reach on their own beginning with the infant age and up.