I have taken the FCCRS Rating class so most of this was review. Making sure our children have access to everything most of the day is very important for them to learn. I also agree that their space should be more for them than for us. Child size furniture and places they can go for quiet time are also beneficial to all children. My space does have one infant every school year and I have a mat that is used when she is on the floor playing. Her toys are up on shelf #2 in two blue buckets. All the older children know the blue buckets are for the babies and when they are on the mat the baby is there too. THey know they need to watch where they step. Of course they can shre with the baby but they can not give the baby their toys. I love how they interact with her, “mother” her and play with her. Having a multi-aged space is so important for most of these children who either dont have siblings or are the youngest in their household.