Twenty years ago, I made this choice to give up teaching in a center or a school so my children could be at home and I could be their teacher. There were so many sterile centers popping up and I wanted my children raised by their mother in their home. With that being said, I gave up my job and my schooling to stay home. At first my home daycare was just like home. THey played in the playroom, watched television in my family room, ate in my kitchen and slept in my beds (above the covers on their own sleeping bags). We had a play kitchen next to my refrigerator and toys all over the house in drawers and cubbies. Then I was licensed. THere was a move towards more “center-like” homes. I converted my large dining room into a classroom with tables and chairs, bookshelves, rugs, math centers, science centers, home centers, block centers, etc. I really thought I would not be licensed and could not get credentials or stars is I did not have a more ‘school-like” atmosphere. I still struggled with the neutral colors I liked, the calming atmosphere and the softness of my home. But I stopped worrying about what everyone wanted and did what made me happy and my children/clients happy. Wow, I am so happy the move towards a more home-like atmosphere is back on it’s way! I still have my classroom but I am proud to show off the fact that I also allow the children to use my entire home. There are toys in every room but now that my children are teens, the toys are in baskets, drawers, and cubbies. My home is very child-centered. The playroom, classroom, and outdoor area all have child size furniture. Anything the child needs is accessible to him/her. The colors are neutral and calming and I serious believe it is one of the attributes to my calm yet fun day!