Technology for Family Child Care: Starting With Child-Center Approach
In this module I learned a great deal about the STEM approach to teaching young children. I use a lot of teachable moments with the children in my care but after viewing this module I can see the advantage of building on different experiences by using science, technology, engineering and math.
I learned that technology does not always require high tech equipment. Children can be challenged with a simple tool, such as the flashlight. We recently set up a camping area in our Group Daycare Home. We played nature sound music and gave each child a flashlight . When we turned the lights off the children had fun exploring with their flashlights. After viewing this module I see different ways we could have expanded on the experience. We could have placed visual pictures of night time creatures around on the wall for them to find with their flashlights and ask questions about. With the flashlights they could have experienced the shadows of objects in the camping area and also counted the number of night time animals found. This would give the children an opportunity to ask questions, be creative and express their feelings about a camping experience.
I learned using the right kind of technology can challenge the children to grow in knowledge, foster creativity and expression and give them hands on experiences. I tend to worry about children handling different pieces of technology, thinking the equipment will get broke if not handled properly. This prevents me from allowing the children to explore and be creative on their own. I’ve learned that it is more important to give the children the opportunity to be creative with technology and that equipment can be replaced.
I also learned that when introducing new technology and opportunities to the children, the parents should be informed so they can follow through with question the children might have when they get home. This also provides a good parent – provider relationship.
Here are some of the ideas I will implement in my daycare: When introducing a new theme or learning adventure have plenty of hand on materials available for children to use and explore with. Start with low tech equipment and gradually build up to more higher tech equipment if it is age appropriate. I will try to supply them with opportunities to foster creativity, expression and problem solving.