My final thoughts on this module include creating a quiet space and completing my outdoor activity baskets so they are stocked with items to meet the interests and learning of the children in my home.
My current floor plan works for my home as well as my day care children. I do plan on looking for a piece that I can transition from block storage to furniture in my living area. I think this will help with the clutter in the living room and provide me with some visual relief when the children go home. I also realize that my multi unction table in the living room probably needs to be scaled back to its original purpose pf creating an area where the older kids can build and crate undisturbed by smaller children. Currently the table houses my white board and circle time activities. I will get another smaller table to house these items on and move it away from the bigger table.
Finally, I do not have an emergency plan that is as extensive as the one listed in the module. I do have a plan and it is posted on my board. If I do update my current plan I will use some of the areas that are listed on the plan but probably not all of it.