This module was very informative. Had the opportunity to understand space arrangements and the importance of Less is More. The emphasis placed on critical concepts such as the benefits of a home-like environment, the power of open-ended materials, and the benefits of incorporating the arts provided me with the ability to make the family childcare run smoother, with more cooperation between the children and allowing the environment to be more calm and allowing children to get the fullest learning potential throughout there stay at the family childcare home.

Childcare centers are also being encouraged to provide a more home-like environment because infants and toddlers are spending at time 6-10 hours a day outside of their home. Having a childcare home and center that gives the feel of a home allows the children to feel safe, comfortable while encouraging It also encourages positive, stress free interactions and positive relationships.

Establishing great ideas and tools to provide a more functional area that is organize, not to much materials that will cause chaos, while in a nurturing environment allowed me to take pointers and apply to my personal care. Now that the environment was accessed, will focus on identifying if toys, tools and activities are open-ended materials. Open-ended materials are things that children can use in different ways that can allow exploration and imagination. Open-ended materials that are great are: sand, water, blocks and playdough. Lose parts are also cheap and allow children to learn. Examples of loose parts can be collected from the environment , Natural materials such as sticks, twigs, rocks.

Planning in advance, lay out of environment, planning and choosing space, providing open-ended materials, constant reflect, and parent communication and interaction are critical in providing and conducting a successful environment and business!