In order to have a happy healthy business there are a few details that are a must. We are in a business to provide childcare to children. We are our own bosses. But, the parents of these children play a key role. If they don’t want their children to attend and they don’t pay us, we don’t have a business. We are not here to do as the parent says, but we are providing a service to these parents and it is our responsibility to make our clients happy. We can do this through communication.
Positive communication with our families is a must. They want to know what their children are doing. Not only is it helping the parent feel safe and well informed, but it can also play a role in the child-parent relationship. A parent picks up their child and asks “how was your day?” Usually a first response would be “fine” but with our input in documentation or communication with the parent, he/she can take it from there. We can text the parent throughout the day and let them know how the child is doing, we can send pictures of the crazy situations the child has gotten into. We can have a blog the parent can read during his/her lunch hour, we can have a Facebook page and post pictures and stories of our day. There are many opportunities to allow parents to see into their child’s day without them being in our homes. I use a Daily Sheet. It is quite simple but it starts with a list of all meals naps and diapers the child has that day. I also let the parents know the art we made, the academic skills we covered, the songs we sang.