This section of the webinar was useful. However, in my own daycare I have found parents do not want another site they have to go to, nor do they want a ton of communication during the day. I do talk with parents very openly every morning and evening with any concerns they have and also through texting. I have texted pictures and cute comments before, but most of my parents are teachers. THey also have their hands full through the day with other peoples children and unless it is an important discussion we leave it for the time we can talk in private, after hours, or with quick words at the door.
I would love to have a Facebook page but I do have three families that are still not on board with FB. Being that their first children are only 3-5 yrs, they have not found it necessary yet. I am sure within the next year to year and a half more of my parents will be able to see the benefits. Yes, I can do it without them on board, but I really do not want to have permission slips for pictures or people questioning everything or not knowing when their child is in a picture. Considering our age span here is only 2-5 yrs,, it will not be long.