Making Changes in My Environment
One of the main themes I took from away from this lesson is making sure your space is well organized, flexible, and engaging for your family childcare home to run as smooth as possible. Seeing the different areas that I could improve my own space was very helpful. But also seeing the different uses of space that I have used and was questioning myself made me feel better about the choices I have made. For example, I have always had a very neutral family friendly color palette to my daycare space. This exclusive daycare space is off my kitchen and living room. I do not want some flashy Chuck E Cheese area in my family’s home. Also, I think those crazy colors do enhance the activity levels of the children. I love that children are having fun in my home but I also am glad it is being used as a learning environment as much as possible. Whether this learning is through play, art, or structured learning time, all children can benefit from a calm environment they can be active and be themselves in.