I found the STEM training very imformative and fun for children. I never thaought about taking my camera on our nature walks but will do so from now on. Great idea! As I mention before. There are so many great ways to explore STEM with the children and families we service. Learning never stops if we keep it fun and interesting for the children. I have already incorporated tools such as small hammers, nails, goggles, screws etc into my learning environment (safely of course) and the children love to explore and use them. On little girl dad is a handy man and she took the flashlight and tools and pretended to repair the toy sink in the housekeeping area. I have the most wonder picture of this learning experience. When I showed her dad. He was so proud and amazed that she pretended to be him working to repair the sink. I believe if wwe provide the right STEM environment our children will naturally take hold and do what they do best which is explore, engage and better understand how the world and things work around them.