This training has allowed me to see that I am on the right track for making a positive difference in children’s lives by creating rich environments for them to grow and learn. I use many of the materials suggested for divergent thinking to emerge witin the children. And I keep all the ages serviced in mind. Making sure each child’s needs are meet.
Ken Roberts study only motivates me to continue to allow children to retain their natural ability to explore their world in a exciting meaningful way. Not beinging limited to shoulds and shouldnt’s of how to use materials. By providing them with as many rich open-ended experiences as possible will allow them to remain inquisitive about their world..
While looking a the child’s developmental domains, social/emtional, cognitive and physical I see thatknowledge in these areas of develpoment a vital. And being informed as a FCC professional is essential for the proper development and growth of the child. Understandingwhat happens at each develpomental stage or milestone in a child’s life is so important. We must scaffold the child’s learning experiences. in all domains while providing a variety of learning materials and environments as they grow.