Change is something that is important in life.
This module explains how its change is important. I have choose an intergrated home day care. It allows the children and the parents to be safe and secure. It also makes me more comfortable. Im able to really get to know each child personally which is also important. Each child learns differntly which is why different activites are important. Interacting children is important it allows them to learn and learn from each other. Choosing different material for different ages is also important. My children and I enjoy open ended objects.

The children enjoy hands on activites. In the summer we plant flowers and get involved with nature. I also have an indoor sensory table and a water table.

I also find space to keep parents informed. It ranges from trips, off days and artwork from the children.

I really enjoyed how this module discussed cultured activites. I think its important for children to get identify themselves and also learning to be nice to everyone.

My children and I make sure we celebrate and discuss all major holidays. I really enjoy on listening to them and their view on these specific events.

Making sure the children and parents are comfortable and secure is most important to me.