When interviewing a family i have the entire family come in to get a feel for the home daycare. I give them scheuldes and also make them aware that im avaialble anytime for questions or concerns.. This module expressed how connecting with the families is very important. Twice a year i have a meeting with my parents just to discuss issues or concerns they might have. I also encourage one on one meeting to inform them on the process of their child/children. During the summer hours the children and I talk walks to the park. This shows the community that there is a safe place to bring their chlld/children if they ever need me services. Im alsom involved in most of the grammar schools nearby which allows me to meet our prospective familes.

Art work is done weekly. I post each child’s art work outside in the hallway. This allows each parent to see what their children are learning and how well they are doing. It also allows the children to see what accomplishments they have made before starting a new day.

I love capturing moments with my children. I often take pics of them doing special activites. We love to create new and exciting things.

Some Tips i learned with this module was parents night out is an awesome idea.