Children grown their brains by being allowed to play in the different domains and by playing with some items that cross into many of the domains. Ex. dancing with a scarf supports physical development as well as socially dancing with other children, and cognitive thought process as to how their moving their body to the music. Social emotional development increases teamwork, includes all children, it helps their self confidence, it helps them learn to take risks, to do conflict resolution, communicate and problem solve. With cognitive development children are constructing their thought process including remembering, problem solving with others, and learning to make decisions. Materials I can use to incorporate this would be blocks, stackers, sand, rice. Cognitive is the domain for math, science, nature, and sensory. Expression is the visual arts, dance, music, ex. of this at my home are using pupperts, painting however children want to, playing music and letting them dance freely, using dolls/dollhouses, playsets like a farm set. Communication involves the language and learning. Drawing does come into this category. Using board books for little ones, pens and paper to make marks on paper, is all in this category. It is nice to do meaningful things like learning to write their name. We should try to limit their screen time, and let children learn more from the natural environment, with open ended materials.