I am learning it is important to think about toy storage for even infants. If you make it accessible to them they will learn to self direct. If you have it out of their reach then they will depend on you for everything. Storage is important. You need to keep their ages in mind. You need to organize for the appropriate age you want to use the toys. If you use baskets-shelves-easy to reach in cabinets the children will learn self direction. It is important to rotate the toys. If children become bored they can become destructive with the toys, and even use the toys in ways they shouldn’t be used. If children have toys that are rotated they will be engaged and actively learning. It is important to set up some guidelines for when we know infants will be napping , that the children awake are reminded as they transition to the time where only quiet activities are used until after the napping infants are awake. This is also a good time to let the older children explore with activities like scissor time that the infants can’t do for safety reasons. Its good to have a quiet box with activities to just be used for when naps and quiet time needs to be, for the children awake during this time. I did print out the 20 quiet time activity ideas for quiet activity that I can refer back to.