Overall, we have to realize when families come to our daycare, our culture is going to be reflected to them. However, we need to be aware that other cultures that come to us, will make us feel a difference. But we can embrace that difference, by using their different language by using words of their language to learn along with the words that we traditionally speak in our English language. For ex. when learning the color red, we could learn the color name in Spanish and use both names for this color. We can ask the families with other language to teach us these words to speak them correctly. When we have two families of a different language but the same, we can try our best to help them meet each other to become friends. If we don’t have families of other cultures in our daycare to expose the children to we can go on field trips and learn from people in the community about their culture. For ex. we could go to a Chinese restaurant, and the children could learn to try to eat with chopsticks. Then, we could further try chopsticks, and make food in a wok for a lunch another day after the visit. We can be interested in these other cultures. We can ask the families to read books in their native language to children at our family child care home…so we can learn from this experience, the same with a song if they’re willing to teach. It would be good to record for future reference of remembering. We need to think about the family’s possible different cultural background when we see differences between how we do it, vs. the way they do it. We need to have meaningful conversations so we can learn and work together as a team to help their child learn. We have to remember there is no one way of a right way to do things, but there are many right ways to do something, so we can try to adapt and change to benefit everyone, including people from other cultures. It is important to find out what a families goals are for learning the new language, goals for their child to learn. We don’t want to make assumptions on our thoughts and learning experiences from the past. We need to remember people value things either independently or they value doing dependence on others for help. Both of these ways can be correct, as long as we keep some things like developmentally appropriate practice, safety, etc. in mind. Sometimes, we will have to listen to how they do it, and let them know because we have so man children, this is how we do it. Going back to how to get their culture into our family homes, we need to have books in their language, and dolls of different cultures in our family child care home to help make them feel welcome. We need to see what special holidays people celebrate when they come from different cultures, so we can also celebrate their special days.