I found this webinar to be interesting about NOT going out to get things for our family home environments but using what we already have. I know, we have to keep what is developmentally appropriate for the ages of our children in mind. That there is a lot of different right ways to set things up. That, we need to keep both the children that come to our home in mind, as well as balance the home with our own family life. I think it was important when they say to stay organized and stay on top of it. This is one comment I often get from parents is how organized I am. I know I use a set of binders, one holds all the information about each child, another binder if for payments, another binder I keep tax receipts in. These are portable, taking children’s information when we go out of the home, taking the tax receipt book to my yearly tax appointment, etc. I like the “cloth idea”, if we purchase “industrial type child furniture” to use since it will get 10x the use of normal homes…then cover the vinyl seats with fabric to make it more homey and comfy for the kids. I like all the facts about the outdoor classroom, the reasons why we need this…that I wrote down from the screen in a notebook for future reference. I like the idea of spraying the bricks on a hot day with bottles that the kids could choose to mist each other if the weather is warm. We already ride coupe cars on a basketball court in my backyard, as well as other ride on toys. We already garden. I liked the nature yard, with the crawl through item, the bells hanging from the deck…I’d like to do this with my deck, as well as have a nature xylophone outside to do music outside with daycare children. I enjoyed the pizza box ideas…I can see my daycare children having a pizza day…and they can help create our learning environment, by me asking them, what can I get for you to use? I think viewing this webinar points out how to make our environment more meaningful to develop better relationships that will help children’s brain development which is so important in the early years. I liked the ramp with different textures. I found it interesting that we shouldn’t do “ocean theme” for children that never see large bodies of water…that we need to keep the themes “real life”. I did take notes in a notebook about what is child centered, and what is not child centered to help me make good choices for the children and families coming to me for childcare. I am interested in making my space the best it can be to fully engage and excite the children as they come to my home. I will keep in mind the different domains, safety, health, keeping things where children can get it out and put it away. I will work more on sending more pictures to the new family beginning in my daycare in the next month. I like the ex. of how they did a photo and text each half hour the first day, then hour the next day, and got them down to one or two photos the last day…since we need to be off of our electronics and focused on the kids. I do believe the daily safety walk is important.