The space in my home is unique to my daycare, however it must function for both me and my family. I am lucky to have separate space in my home-a mother n law suite, that I do not have to share with other family members, but yet it is family child care since it is part of our home. With my space, I need to think about how to be organized, for safety, as well as create meaningful relationships, with developmentally appropriate practices so the children can grown and learn. Learning to be independent in the space as well as across domains of science, math, technology, visual art, music, drama, and movement. I need to make my space multi task for ex. the space I prepare food in, needs to be also a space where children can eat, and help me prepare the food. Then, the table they eat at, needs to be muli functional so they can color, play, work puzzles, etc. with this same table. Of course, I need to keep sanitizing supplies nearby to keep things clean, but keep these things to clean with out of the reach of the children. Everyday, the safety of the children is important, being ready and prepared for emergency’s by having emergency plans posted, emergency information about the children ready to go with me in a emergency situation. Going back to the food it needs to be nutritional, and coordinate with the State of Il. food guidelines for the children being served. Getting back to the furnishings of my home, they need to be appropriate for the children’s size, and also appropriate for the adults that will be visiting the room from time to time. I need to keep in mind, how to let the older children help the younger children by reading to them. I need to use materials like soft foam blocks that can be played with by both the younger children and the older children. I need to have a area for ex. a basket that I can put materials in that babies put in their mouths until they can be sanitized. It is important to take consideration of the natural world putting it into my environment each day. If I can’t go out with the children due to the weather, I can simply have a tote of dirt for the children to explore with some toys. Also, since I have infant through school age children, it is important for me to have a portable changing diaper tote where I can change the infants and toddlers anywhere I am in the room, or outside with other children. My space needs to allow routines, relationships to build, and developmentally appropriate learning activities need to take place in the space. I know that there are many different ways to set up a family child care and that there are many different but right ways of doing this.