I am fortunate enough to have a whole room to store most of my toys and crafts as well as utilize as a play area. I recently downsized my inventory to cut the clutter and focus on what toys the children liked the most. They were, as Diann said, dolls, books, blocks and kitchen items. The floor is a wood look vinyl laminate so I added some cozy throw rugs. The color on the walls right now is yellow but I am going to paint it a soft gray/blue. I like the idea of getting rid of some of the plastic containers and replacing them with baskets and fabric bins. I would like to have a better balance of a home environment that teaches a preschool curriculum. It feels a little institutional in the toy room right now.
I’d also like to look for an armor to store the blocks that are currently in my living room in a plastic storage bin. I can repurpose the stand to include a pull down table for the older kids to build on so they will be undisturbed by the smaller children.