This module was very interesting and informal. Alot of the information regarding technology within a family childcare program, I will utilize and use to help enhance my current program technolgy activities and experiences. I learned that tecchnolgy should be differeniated based on each individual child, being age appropriate for the child´s development. I also larned that technology is a tool used to help support the unique needs of an imdividual child. What was interesting to me in this module was the different ways you can create assistive materials for children with disabilities. It is important as a provider to always explore and play with the technolgy tools to ensure each activity has enough space, is safe, to,know how frustrated a child maybe if attempting to use that equipment, and to be able to demonstrate to the children the equipment use. I will definiteky implement facetime at lunchtime. I think this will sooth mist of my children who have seperation anxiety.