I utilize my 90% basement as my family child care space. At the entry area there is a message board, information area, and cubbies. I have a dramatic play area, block area, library area, quite area, a infant area, and an office in the corner of the main space. This area has child sized furniture and an adult glider. The secondary area (the messy area) there is a sink, a child sized table and chairs, adult sized table and chairs, sand and water tables, 2 storage cabinets and shelving that holds manipulables, games, and art supplies. There is a bathroom off from this area as well. In the third area we use as our learning area and large motor play. There is a large dry erase board, puzzles, a table and chairs, technology items, and an area for the school aged children. On days when the weather does not allow us to be outside we use this area to put up the tunnels and slides.
I do not think I could use my space much differently.