I have learned there is a huge difference in screen time and the use of a screen with technology.
I have learned new ways to incorporate screen technology into my program for all ages. Helpful websites such as Common Sense Media and PBS Kids.
I have learned better ways to choose Apps and EBooks that are supportive to children’s learning. Meaning they should engage the child and not have pop up ads attempting to sell things.
I learned I need to update my handbook with a technology section. It should include information on the programs social media page and include ways children may engage with different technology tools. That I should ask the child how they feel about me using their images, art work, stories, etc.

I’m extremely excited to build a light table, bristle bots, and scribble bots! I’m also thinking about adding tinkering station to the program. I will be asking the parents what the think about having a regularly scheduled face time conversation with their children as well!