I have learned to make sure I am using positive and productive communication with families. I know at times I am not always actively listening . I need to work toward active listening and not listening to defend my action or respond quickly. I am going to look over my parent hand book to make a few changes to ensure that my policies and procedures are clear. I have over the years used only two method of communication with families. The families never complained or said anything so I never changed my methods. I am know going to ask families which method of communication is better for them. I have never used Facebook for a method of communication but now I am considering using it to keep the families updated. I would love to create my own website but know that my take time but that is my next goal . After looking at the BAS List I am going to use this list to improve my overall quality of my family care business and professional practices. MY goals are better record keeping , marketing and communication with families. I have learned a lot with this module and will use these tools to improve the quality of my child care business.