I really learned a lot from the modules. You need keep your business need to always everything in a place where you can get to them. Can read your mail right away then you can throw it away. If you don’t need it any more. Keep your file cabinet very organiz too. Make sure you go through year yearly. Don’t wait until to the end of the month to prepare you end of the monthly report. Gather things weekly and get them ready for next week.

I learned that you really do have a a lot of ways to better communicate with you parents. You can call, email, text post sign around the school. You can have meetings with families outside of the school. You should do thing to always appreciate your families in your program. Having family night, surprise your parents with breakfast, lunch or dinner plate to go. Make sure that you have parent teacher meetings that are about the child and how we can make progress for a better future.

I also learned that your center need to always put the children and family first. I believe that great center always put the children individual need first. A great center will cater their center for the children. A center should find many ways to make children happy with a bright and calm environment. Enough space for the children to be free and explore their environment.. Ll th different center in the classroom should be clearly label and enough space for the children enjoy the environment.

I will use what I learn at my center as soon as possible. If the children are happy then the family will keep the children at the center. If a center better communicate with parents they are more likely recommend this center to their friends and families. Advertising for your family is a great way to get refer services for your business. Word of mouth is great for a business to succeed in a community.