I have learn about so much about having culture in your environment. If you have staff in your environment thes ame as your children then you can attract the same amount of children to your program. I makes the children feel safe and welcome If I go somewhere and see that I am represented at a place i will want to come back. If I find my :picture” music and culture thing some where then I it a place aia want to send my kids and work and give my business too.

If I have a spanish student I will try my best to speak to them in spanish as best as I can. I will have the english to spanish books for them. In my dramatic play area i would put spanish food in the dramatic play area. So they feel like they are at home. I would use my phone to translate to them so that we can communicate with other. I would use the same method with all my non english speaking students.

I will try my best to buy more cultur clothes, food books and other accessories for the classroom in my program. I look for volunteer to come sing songs and dance with the children. Playing different culture friendly music really help the children a lot also. If the children feel like they are at home while they are at school, I am really succeeding as a teacher and providing the best care that I can for my students.
Diversity in the classroom really make the environment a better quality program it truly show you that you are welcoming each and every child into your environment with a open mind. That you are accepting of one culture and are willing to learn about a different person background.