The material presented in this module reminded me of past training and reinforces the importance of communication with parents and community. I’m going to use some of the examples shown in this module to display the artwork of the children in my care. I also am going to ask the parents about subjects of interest so that we can learn new things together. I have a neighbor that does child care too. We could combine our families for learning event. I also invite the families in my care to community events at my church. I like the idea of the project approach too. I think I will implement it more in my child care. We play games as a group and explore as a group. The children are constantly building together. I need to research ideas for group projects. I will have to say that the article about the project approach in family child care was a little frustrating to read. I prefer material that clearly and concisely explains the topic. The article was a little wordy and drawn out and took too much time to get to the point.