Using technology as a means to connect with families is an ideal that I like to practice every day. One of these ways is (as mentioned in the webinar) Facebook. I keep a separate page professional (and private/locked down!), so that parents can check in and see what their children are up to, if they choose to be part of it. They always have the option to opt out whenever they like, and if they want, I help them set up another way to “talk” to them throughout the day in a way that makes it organic, and not at all forced. One of the things mentioned in the webinar are surveys, which I think are a wonderful, engaging idea. I like hearing ways I can improve my daycare and to hear out parents’ concerns in a way that does not feel like they’re being pushed to agree with everything I do. The use of Skype on grandparents’ day is another good idea that I’ll be looking into, so that even those who don’t live in the immediate area are engaged with the family’s children.