I found the Selecting and Managing Material that Support Family Child Care in Multi-Age group settings helpful with new ideas and reminder of some you have not used in a while. Choosing material and understanding how to select and organize them in a way that is safe in the multi age group you are serving. The use of strategies and plans that are needed to ensure a safe and productive environment for all children involved. The different levels of storage used to help each group feel independence and in control of their own playtime in the same common space and time. Utilizing equipment that is already on site for storage that is easily reached by each age and developmental level. the importance of uncluttered children work spaces because it can become become over whelming. It is also a good practice to rotate equipment. We must also remember “Less Is More” A small amount of quality equipment is calmer, simpler and better for keeping children focused. Child centered approach is the most important focus in child care setting. When keeping age in mind in any Family Home setting, Pre- School or Home Style setting organizing and maintaining material for childrens’ engagement time will be more efficient. Infant/ Toddlers who can reach their , pre school < and after school children each experience a level of trust when allowed to be responsible for obtaining their own material. Maintaining out door space is more challenging today than ever before but it is just as important for children during growing stages as ever. The space may not be as large as you may want but it is important for children to have outside time each day if permitted. The most inportant factors are safe environment, safe equipment and challenging stimulating equipment. I have decided to do a nature walk on my property after watching this module. I am very excited about the idea.