Making changes in the environment of your child care can be an attribute for childrens’ learning experiences when down down using the correct view point. The Developmentally Appropriate Practice when implementing changes. DAP is a Practice in which you can use when you understand the process of child development and how it applies to each child at his/her own individual level of learning. You can understand what is individually and culturally appropriate. When following this practice we are equipping ourselves with the principles,guidelines and strategies approved by NAEYC. This module provided each of us access to review other modules and webinars in the environment series. To hear from providers who have made changes in their Family Child care environment that enhanced their program by applying these strategies. It also provoked us as providers to consider different ways and ideas to change some of the practices we have implemented that can be enhanced by use of the correct tools being shared here. Ensuring it is child centered, safe, and culturally adapted and anti-bias. Space can be integrated and home like, separate space or mixture of both. Each appears to have its on set of pros and cons. In Family Care settings it is best to have Multi-Aged open end equipment in an less cluttered space. Quality over quantity is always best when Family Child Care settings.