As of right now we are trying to sell our house that I can have a separate space for my day care kids. However as of right now I know that I need to make sure all toys are developmentally appropriate for my kids. I have several kids who are behind cognitively and have special needs. I have a shelf that is made especially for kids. I need to make sure that I am always changing the toys out and to declutter what is in the bins. Each bin is marked by a picture and words as to what goes in the bins. I will be adding pictures of my kids as they are doing different things. The book area needs a soft chair to sit in. Right now I have two child sized rocking chairs. If I simply add some material to my tv stand that would make a much better garage and hide the toys when children are gone. It would make the large cars and trucks look less cluttered. I need to add some small pillows to the bench. Also as I decorate I will be adding more realistic pictures for each center area. Eventually I would like to have a more center like area with dramatic play, blocks, science and math, art, music and circle time areas. All specifically spaced out to meet the needs of the kids allowing space to move but not too much room for open ended running.