Section 3 was one of my favorite module section . I am so excited to use my new tools and resources to improve my day care. Working at a home day care can be challenging especially when you service children from 6 weeks until 12 years old. But now I have a better understanding on how to keep all of my children engaged . I loved the idea of creating different storage space for different age groups. This will allow my students to access the toys and materials they need and want to play with. I am so use to getting the toys and materials so that I can make sure it is age appropriate but now I can organize the space for my children . I am going to practice rotating my toys and materials so the children can stay engage and development new daily skills . I am so happy that I have more options for non napping children during quiet time. I will be allowing children to fold dress clothes, sorting items into egg cartons, and using puzzles. I plan to do more research on the busy bags for my different children age levels so that all my children will be engage while playing and learning.