Section 3 of this module was very helpful . Working at a home day care can be challenging, especially one you have 6 weeks through 12 years old. I would love to have better systems for organizing my materials for age appropriate engagement to reach all my children in my care . Sometimes , I use baskets and cabinets to try to organize different age levels. I try my best to rotate new toys and books every 3 months, which I would like to rotate them sooner than that. I like the idea of a quiet box. I have never created a quiet box before but would love to create one for my day care children. The busy bags seem like a creative way to keep children engage in all levels of learning and play. My biggest challenge is getting all of my children to sleep for nap time. But I now have a plan to use quiet time activities which I will using puzzles, folding dress up clothes and sorting items into egg cartons.