In this module I learned a great deal more about the actual extension of the usage of technology in the classroom then I previously realized. I have found technology to be an very viable tool in the classroom from a very basic or low level such as flashlights standard cameras or clocks on the wall they all serve as a tool for a means to some form of end . This can be found by the simple light eliminated from the end of the flashlight, the photo derived from the pushing of the button on the small box pointing at an object as well as the time established by a clock, all symbolizing the use of technology. From the stand up slide microscope to the High Tech Digital Microscope, technology continues to evolve. The level of tools for clients who require more extended tools have also grown by leaps and bounds as shared by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) further showing the desire to ensure a level field for every one. The availability of Apps and E Books for all economical levels also gives everyone an opportunity to be exposed to this steady evolution of technology around us. The information that was shared have provided me with more avenues to locate programs to extend my library of tools to educate my children in Child Care Program. It has also helped with more information to help parents become more involved in researching and applying age appropriate programs available to them outside of my facility. I will begin implementing what I have learned immediately.