Over all I learned on how important it is to make your area multipurpose. Also safety for everyone is very important as well. Use a check sheet daily you can never be to safe. I also got some new ideas for snacks for the children. I plan on using the graph paper to see about how to rearrange to make my area more multipurpose. I also am going to make a small area for just one or two children to have there own time were no one can bother them. I need to work on my outside area to make it for all age group.
Im going to see about getting some camers, small ipod so when we go on walks and or just play to see what they want to take pic of. Over all the children being able to take there thought and be able to draw then or take a picure of something so they can come back and tell others about it as well and they will be learning from there friend on there new findings also. I never thought about the children taking picures of different iteams and how depending on there age makes it were they make take picures of what they play with, or who they are with I cant wait to see this. I am going to see if i can get IPODS with grant money they may or maynot let me buy with this money we will have to wait to find out what going to be happing. I am so glad there are classes that can hlp us look at the big picture and not just get stuck were we think this is the best or we get stuck in a rut. Thanks to all. I so cant wait to but all that i have learned into play.