Using the environment to communicate and connect with families and community was a great module. The module gave a great amount of information that will help improve my business. It also gave me assurance that I was doing a lot of things correctly with in my childcare business.

On thing that I know will be very helpful will be the BAS system. The system will allow me to check off all the things I already have. Then I will have a physical sheet of paper that I can look at to implement the things I am missing.

Having a home day care can become very challenging. The helpful tip of “knowing what you are good at” made a lot of sense. So now I will have someone help me with some of my paper work. Also, completing things daily is something that I do now, but to hear the story of letting things pile up was me once upon a time.

I thought the parents night out was a great idea. I may consider doing that for my parents.

Currently I do work samples for the children, and the parents absolutely love it. The children take pride in showing their parents the work they have done at the daycare.